Stormy Weather, Mark Morgan

Bitter ex-lover, Lead

RAVE Theater Festival, Director Jacob Demlow

Honey Fitz, Patrick

Closeted Groom, Lead

St. John’s Theater, Director Jessica Harika

Bad Jews, Liam

Entitled Know-it-all, Lead

MCS Theater, Director Ted Wold

On a Leash, Jerome

Lonely people-pleaser, Lead

HB Studio (The Pat & Julie Project), Producer Pat Golden

Golden Girls LIVE: On Stage, Rose (4-Month Run)

Kooky Innocent, Lead

Director Peter Mac

Mr. Marmalade, Bradley

Earnest Personal Assistant, Supporting

MCS Theater, Director Ted Wold

Ploughing Through, Charles

Kind Father, Supporting

Director Peter Charney

4th Annual One Act Comedy Festival, Assorted Roles

Comedic, ensemble

Director Troy Segala

The Eight: Reindeer Monologues, Cupid

Flamboyant tease, ensemble

Director Alice Camarota

Henry, Episode IV: A New Hope, Poins (Chewbacca)

long-suffering sidekick, Supporting

Director Alice Camarota

Murder on the Nile, Dr. Bessner

Romantic Intellectual, Supporting

Director Denise Ivanoff

A Sketch of New York, Assorted Roles

comedic, ensemble

Director Joe DiNozzi

Fear Fest: Nightfall, Herman

comic worrier, supporting

Director Alice Camarota

One on One

Kathleen turner

Acting Masterclass

Matthew Corozine Studio

Ted Wold

Meisner Technique

The Barrow Group

Lee Brock, Farrah Crane,
K. Lorrell Manning

Scene Study

Upright Citizens Brigade Training Center

Carrie McCrossen, DOug Moe, Liz Noth

Improv 101, 201, 301

Vassar College

BA History of art (Honors)


southern, minnesotan


Rave liquid, Fearless Club Dancing, Ballet (ages 9 - 16 only)


Former Fashion Director,

Cosmology and Astronomy

General Interest in and basic understanding of how the universe is structured and works




Stick and Automatic


Valid Passport


Origami, Book binding, basic sewing, Some Drawing and painting


And general home improvement


So much more than just singing

T-Rex Impression

Hauntingly funny
WEIGHT 180 lbs
PANT 31x33
TOP Medium
NECK 15.5

Evil Lives Here (Episode 6.8), David Turpin

creepy Husband, Supporting

Investigation Discovery, Red Marble Media, Director Justin Stanley

Full Comfort, Allen

Charming friend, Supporting

Director Marcelle Pallais

Trapped, Kevin Fields

Insecure nice guy, lead

Director Shreeya Khadye

Kill the Rabbit, Sammy

closeted murderer, lead

Director Melina Nakos

Last Christmas, Marty

Shy Techy, lead

Director Aditya Mayya

Move the Logo, Playton

Arrogant Boss, Lead

Director Jenita Spiritovic

The Children's Corner, Lucy's Dad

Concerned Father, Supporting

Director Kathryn Lindsay

The Last Christmas, Theo

playful romantic, Supporting

Director Cheryl Wang

Study Abroad, Street Performer

Annoyed Living Statue, Bit

Director Zhang Luan

Our Little Girl, Chris

Stuck-up hippie, Day Player

Director Delaney Mazen

D.I.Y., Loan Officer

Cold Professional, Day Player

Director Daniel Rosenhanst

The Late Night Show, Art I. Finkle

Slick Android, Supporting

Director Gordon Taft

Klein Syndicate, News Reporter

Professional Reporter, Day Player

Director/Producer Sura Khan

Pix 11 Morning News, Guest Style Expert

Self, recurring guest

The CW, Mechanic

Pedestrian, no dialogue

Director Alex Prager

Setting Things Straight, Millennial Man

Concerned citizen, Supporting

Director/Producer Michael Minard

Slanket Couture, Host


Formal Dressing With Cotton, Host


2016 Emmy Awards Red Carpet, Guest Commentator


Closet Cleanout, Host


A Day in the Life of a Terrifying Clown, Cuddles the Clown

Comic Psychopath, Lead

Snookie Celebrity Therapy Session, Patient

Nervous, Supporting

Huffington Post Live, Guest Style and Celebrity Commentator

self, recurring

Huffington Post